Nothing was invented !

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"For those who think that the games are new, looking good in our granaries are huge surprises"

The dutch top

The ancestor of the top beyblade ©
The culbuto

The ancestor of our somersaults
The wondergraph

The ancestor of spirograph ©
The frog game

No known descendants
The roulette counter

The ancestor of lottery games
The dice games

The ancestor of 421
The vending machine (Candy, cigares, etc), the roulette and slot machine  with coin-operated


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The Links :

  • Old games
    • Jeux picards et anciens : a very good page on game in the north of France
    • Le père la colique  : a site of a Belgian collector father colic It's original!
    • Volksspelenbrugge: a site in German on Estaminet games
The Forum :

  • Retro-Flip : oriented pinball very few articles on the slot machines
  • Ta0 : English Forum about spinning top dédiés aux toupies (en anglais)